7 Best Christmas Gifts For Dad – 2009

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When you want to show that you’ve put a little thought into finding the best Christmas gifts for Dad in 2009, keep in mind that guys – including fathers – especially value something that is useful and not merely decorative. If you can also appeal to his sense of humor, then you are close to a winner. If your present is a little offbeat, that will intrigue him and he is bound to remember that it came from you.

Naturally, locating such gifts can require a lot of research, which is why most people don’t bother and opt for something more conventional – and boring. However, this list can set you on the right path and is based on what is available in some of the largest stores.

1. Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set.
Yes, some plants will actually eat insects and not merely feed them. Here is the basis for your dad’s own collection. This desktop plant set has seeds of more than 10 bug-eating plants and they grow into an entertaining display. Included is the peat planting mix, blue swamp rocks, and other decorative touches in a specially designed terrarium that will last for years.

2. Water Powered Clock.
Yes, a desktop clock that runs on water – or beer if he prefers. It will operate with any electrolytic fluid, such as soda and coffee. The numbers, showing the time and date, are clear and easy to read and will be displayed moments after filling the small reservoirs in the back.

3. USB LED Beverage Cooler.
After spending long hours at a computer, Dad probably needs a can of his favorite… He could, of course, walk to the fridge but with modern technology that’s no longer necessary with this great little single-can beverage cooler which simply plugs into a USB port of his computer and chills a can. (For his birthday, consider a gadget which helps him get some exercise.)

4. Lil Guppie Multi-tool.
This not just any tool. It has numerous functions in one handy aid but is not as heavy as many multi-tools and is much sturdier than the pocket-knife variety. It is great for making simple repairs and is very well styled. There is an adjustable wrench, a carabiner, a stainless steel blade, flat blade and Phillips head screw drivers, bottle opener, and much more.

5. Coffee Cup Power Inverter.
It looks like a coffee cup and conveniently converts the DC power of a car battery for two 120 volt AC outlets, as required by many appliances, such as TVs, DVD players, gaming consoles and other portable devices. It also has a USB charging port and fits neatly into the space provided for coffee cups in his vehicle.

6. Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap.
When you can’t resist grooming aids, consider combining your choice with a “fix” of caffeine. This is soap that has been caffeinated and not only is it made from vegetable-based glycerine, but has been scented with peppermint oil and caffeine anhydrous has been added. This means he gets his “shock” of coffee by absorbing the caffeine through his skin when he showers!

7. Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff from Omron HEM-780.
With Dad’s advancing age, it is likely he will want to keep track of his blood pressure and this is a convenient and clinically proven way of doing it. Simply wrap the cuff around his arm and press start and the digital display will show his blood pressure. It also has a 90-memory recall with time and date stamp.

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