Choosing Great Christmas Gifts For Girls

My gift of LOvE for You, my Dearest..
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When you’re trying to choose a Christmas gift for your girlfriend you might be thinking that the most important thing is to find something that she’s missing in her life. However, what you should really think about is why she doesn’t own the perfect gift you’re thinking of, the chances are that if she doesn’t have it, she doesn’t want it.

The rules are slightly different when it comes to basic desirables such as mobile phones, mp3 players and laptops, but one you’re kitted out with these things they tend not to need replacing for a while and that’s why they can’t be relied on for simple gift buying. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to come up with something original and placing more importance on newness over whether it actually suits the recipient. Instead, you should take inspiration from the things she does have – especially when it comes to clothes and jewellery.

A woman’s wardrobe is sure to reflect her tastes in the most comprehensive way. Unlike a home which may be decorated to landlord’s taste or designed with the family and functionality in mind, your clothes are chosen for you and you alone. This means that most of the clothing owned by your girlfriend is sure to have been at least chosen by her if not actually paid for. This means that a gift that encapsulates the various colours and textures of her clothing collection is pretty certain to hit the mark.

The best way to work out what patterns you’re seeing in her wardrobe is to steal a little time alone with her collection. Lay a selection out on her bed and look for a couple of key things such as the types of colours, is she into earthy tones and muted colours or is she a bright and bubbly dresser? Does she have a lot of clothes in black? Are all of her skirts long and all of her jeans skinny? If she has lots of clothes that look similar, you can sure it’s for a reason.

Once you have an idea of the shapes and colours she likes (as well as her size of course) hit the high street and try and keep them in mind as you wander the shops. A handy hint is to take a couple of photographs of her with you. That way, when you’re looking at an array of womens clothes, you’ll find it easier to picture her in them and check you’re looking at the right kind of colours.

When you do finally choose your gift it’s a good idea to keep the receipt though, even when you find the ideal item there’s still always the chance she’ll need it in a slightly different size.

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