Christmas Gift Baskets: Making Your Own Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets have now become one of the most famous gifts people get to give and receive. Because of its flexibility, it is the easiest gift one could wrap up and give to their family, friends, relatives, co-workers, business contacts, clients, and just about anybody. The gift baskets which are packed with goodies suitable for the celebrated season are usually customized and fitted to the recipient they are intended for.

Origin of Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets were originally food gift baskets which were already a popular presentation of food and other presents packed in an elegant basket usually made of wicker. Christmas was traditionally the time of the year that people handed out these food gift baskets, so it was later termed as Christmas gift baskets being the time anticipated for the gift giving tradition. It has now become a well-liked gift for all-year round. A selection of Christmas gift baskets may come in the form of:

 Fruits
 Books
 Wine
 Pictures or Posters
 CDs, VCDs, or DVDs
 Gourmet Foods packed with snack items like candies and nuts
 Chocolates

Tips in Making Your Very Own Christmas Gift Baskets

A Christmas gift basket is more intimate when personalized or customized. Planning ahead on the items to be included in your gift basket would help. Here are some helpful tips that may be useful in making the ideal Christmas gift baskets:

 Think of a theme. Find out the recipient’s interests. If unsure, choose neutral items but adding a touch of femininity or masculinity to add a bit of intimacy to the recipient.

 It is best to consider the recipient’s hobbies. You can choose items that are helpful to what interests him/her.

 Mix and match items so you can save. Buying them in bulk may minimize your costs for the items you put in your gift basket. You may split those items for different recipients. And you may also pair expensive items with those that are least costly and mix and match them, too.

 You can also minimize costs if you can be resourceful on some of the items you use in your gift basket, such as the basket. You may just redecorate them and voila, it is as good as new. Or you may get them from garage sales or thrift stores.

It is important to make your Christmas gift baskets simple and personal. You don’t have to overdo the decorations. When it is all done, although elegantly made, you will find out that they are even less expensive than the other gifts. And if you run short of time, you may find a variety of these Christmas gift baskets online.

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