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Finding the Best Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend is a challenge lots of men struggle with. Here are some helpful hints that will make this task much more enjoyable and rewarding – gifts she would really appreciate.


Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend to Stir Her Senses!

What to get your girlfriend for Christmas… that’s a million dollar question, isn’t it? You’ve been saying for months you want to treat her to the best Christmas pressie ever. But now it’s mid-December, and you’re still scratching your head.

One piece of advice, the below items do not make good Christmas presents for girlfriends:

A CD by your favourite artist so you can listen to it at her house

A gift voucher for a steak restaurant when you know she’s a vegetarian

A “how to lose weight” book

Acne pills (even if she really needs it)

So what’s the secret to selecting one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts for girlfriends? Quite simply, choose something that satisfies her five senses – taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.

Give a gift with a special “touch”

Keep her all snugly and warm this winter with fluffy slippers, cute gloves or a cosy scarf. Loads of retailers offer these snugly pressies in Christmassy-themed styles, emblazoned with reindeers, snowmen, penguins, santas and more. These make uber-cosy Christmas presents for girlfriends everywhere.

Tantalise her taste buds

Indulge your lovely lady with something scrumptious to munch on like chocolates, sweets or brownies. Or go the extra mile… Nowadays, you can get your hands on chocolate bars, delicious truffles, cakes, retro sweetie jars – the list goes on – featuring her name and your own special message on the packaging. You could even – yep, get you apron on – whip her up a batch of homemade cookies. Mmmmm.

Yummy-smelling pressies

Scented candles, tasty-smelling lotions or even – yep, you guessed it – a bouquet of her favourite flowers make first-class girlfriend Christmas gift ideas with what they call the “smell” factor.

See the sights…

Of course, you can snap up a pair of theatre tickets to see a cool show like Chicago, Blood Brothers or Phantom of the Opera. Or if she’s off on her travels, buy her a Lonely Planet book on the place she’s going to. But there is a very simple alternative. Two words: gift experience. Treat her eyes to unbelievable sights… Send her on a Champagne hot air balloon flight; let her enjoy an unrivalled view of London with a helicopter tour, or take a day’s tour at Windsor Castle.

Treat her to spot of “sound” therapy

Let’s face it, what woman doesn’t love a bit of music? Whether she’s into Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake or Madonna, there are loads of CDs up for grabs. Better yet, indulge her with two top price tickets to a theatre production, followed by a delicious meal for two at a top-notch restaurant. On a budget? Christmas present ideas for girlfriends don’t have to cost the earth. Create a compilation CD that’s full of all her “besties” and even some that remind her for you, or you of her…

What to get your girlfriend for Christmas… Many guys often leave buying Christmas presents for girlfriends until the very last minute, only to present her with something she doesn’t actually want. GoneDigging has is sussed. Browse our inspiring range of personalised Christmas gifts for girlfriends and treat the girl you love to something she’ll remember for many Christmases to come. Find original newspapers, personalised pop art, gift experiences days out and much, much more!

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