Christmas Gifts for the Athletic Man

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In this article, we will examine various Christmas gifts that you can get for athletic men who love watching and participating in sports.

My friend Ann, who is a non-athlete, asked me the other day, “Richard, what on earth can I get for George (a mutual friend)?  He seems to only enjoy sporty types of gifts but I do not know the first place to start!”

Fortunately for Ann, and for the rest of us out there, sports lovers are fairly easy to buy gifts for.  Being a modest athlete myself, I enjoy every sports-related gift that I receive as do most sports lovers.  The love of sport is transcendent and most athletes enjoy all sports gifts, whether for their own sport or the general sporting world.

And fortunately for us, there are gifts for sports lovers to meet every budget.

Let’s begin with the easiest of all sports gifts:  magazines.  If you are buying a magazine for a sports lover, there is sure to be a magazine (or many!) that correspond to the sport.  For generalists, Sports Illustrated and ESPN the magazine are perfect.  For those who only follow a certain sport, there is a magazine for them.  There are magazines for biking, skiing, racing; you name the sport, the magazine exists.  To begin, check out this list of the Top Ten Sports Magazines.  Magazines are a gift that keeps on giving and they can be had at a very reasonable price.

Now, can you think of one thing all sports lovers need to do?  If you answered, “stay in shape”, you win the prize.  No matter the sport, all athletes need to stay in shape.  From large to small gifts, there is an item for the athlete in your life.  For the small budget, there are many exercise items that every person needs.  The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar makes a great Christmas gift and comes in at under $30.  There are also an abundance of dumbbells, workout bars, yoga mats, and grip masters all for under that price as well.

If you have a little more money to spend, one of the most popular items is the Bowflex Dumbbells.  This set of dumbbells is efficiently organized, well constructed, and a perfect gift for the workout enthusiast.  Beyond that, there are many pieces of home exercise equipment that make amazing Christmas gifts.  The Workout Room offers these products at great prices.

You can also get find great Christmas gifts for athletes in their particular sport.  For every sport, you can find gifts for any budget.  For example, the golfer in your life would enjoy new golf balls or a new golf driver.  Likewise, the tennis player would always appreciate tennis balls as well as a new racket!

When all else fails, fitness apparel for their respective sport makes a great Christmas gift for him.

View all of these items and more on the Christmas Gifts for Men page at the Christmas Store Online. The author, Richard Mas, is a retail specialist and senior editor at The Christmas Store Online.

See pictures of gifts, along with customer comments, more details and special pricing at
Best Christmas Gifts For Men

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