Counting the Pennies? How to Buy Christmas Presents That Won’t Break the Bank

Everywhere we look there appears to be more than a hint of doom and gloom for us all, with fuel bills on the increase, the credit crunch and a threat of recession in the air. Every time we open the newspaper there is nothing but more bad news. With winter looming just around the corner, you are probably juggling with the idea of throwing an extra layer of woolly jumpers on just so as to avoid a huge heating bill. So the thought of buying Christmas presents may be a more than a bit of a worry. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to demonstrate how you feel about someone when selecting a Christmas present.

There is a vast choice of presents available to purchase that are economical without being cheap. You don’t have to resort to a boring pair of socks or predictable selection box. The secret is to be original. It all depends how little you want to spend.

Everyone needs a calendar for noting those important dates, or just to remind them what day of the week it is. You can get personal with a personalised calendar with extensive range of themes to suit all interests, tastes and age groups. In fact there is so much to choose from that you could go the whole hog and just buy a calendar for everyone on your list. Whether you are buying for a football fan, someone with a general love of all sports, a chocoholic or the love of your life, there is something for everyone with their name emblazoned on every page.

For gardening enthusiasts there are Grow It gift boxes with everything they need to start a vegetable patch, bonsai collection, or even their very own tea and coffee plantation. If you are stuck for ideas for a present for your moggy, she will thank you forever for the cat grass kit, guaranteed to drive her nuts with joy. The pocket garden packs are a fun and educational way of introducing children to the world of horticulture and a carnivorous plant gift box will produce some evil looking, fly eating plants that will keep kids fascinated and feed their love of the macabre.

Stuck for ideas for your colleagues in the office? Is your boss driving you mad? A Control-a-Boss Remote will be greatly appreciated and soon everyone in the building will want one, except the boss, of course. And for the boss you could get your message across with an I Love Deadlines mug. The boss will think of you and appreciate you every time she takes a swig. This Christmas present may even earn you a promotion.

Children are probably the most difficult people to buy Christmas presents for these days. Time was, they’d be happy with an old tangerine and a cardboard box. Nowadays they’ve probably got at least one of everything on the market, most of which ends up stuffed under the bed. So you need to find something unusual to keep them entertained. To keep them engrossed long after the last present has been unwrapped and all the chocolates scoffed, a self-build kaleidoscope will send them off to their bedrooms to construct this timeless toy, and the grown-ups will be the ones squabbling to have a go.

For those little dears who are hard to persuade that a bath is what they need, a shocking red devil shower cap with yellow horns will do the trick along with a teddy on a rope soap. The kids can always keep the adults at bay with a fabulous spud gun, by either firing it at them or for handing over to Granny and Gramps who can chase each other out in the snow with glee until they are enticed back indoors with the promise of more ginger wine. And when the little loves are tucked up in bed and the neighbours have invited themselves round, you can crack open a bottle of personalised quality champagne or play some drinking games with Mortal Peril, an electronic game set that gives you a forfeit, whether you like it or not.

For the most important person in your life, you can’t go wrong with a romantic picture frame, especially if it contains a photo of little old you. If you are into saving the planet, and you can’t do it single handed, you can dedicate a broad-leafed tree to your loved one, happy in the knowledge that your gift is doing its bit to soak up some carbon dioxide. Or introduce your partner to astronomy by naming a star on his or her behalf. How many people can say they have a star named after them? You can go outside on those clear frosty nights, look up at the sky and wonder which one of those glittering stars is yours.

It is definitely possible to do your Christmas presents shopping on a shoe string. Just make your selections funky and original and they will love you for it.

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