Designer Perfume Christmas Gift Ideas

Designer perfumes are very close to the heart of a woman, often associated with glamor, beauty, and other warm female feelings. When most women are purchasing these for themselves, they can be quite discerning. It is usually not just a trivial buying decision.

Most of the following perfumes smell better and last longer. Many also have safer formulations. These are all GREAT gifts for the holidays.

1. Vera Wang for Women by Vera Wang
This one lets her smell like a garden – literally. It has hints of gardenia, calla lilies, and rose paired with soft wood. Great for an evening out. In a roomful of heavily perfumed women, Vera Wang for Women and its refreshing floral scent will make your woman stand out.

2. Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder
With Beyond Paradise, your woman will smell of all things beautiful and tropical. There is also a slight dash of honeysuckle, which will tease and please.

3. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana
Great for both daytime and nighttime use, Light Blue is indeed light. It smells of bamboo and jasmine, together with just the slightest touch of apple. This can be worn everyday.

4. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
For some reason women really seem to like Sarah Jessica Parker. Why not get her something from SJP herself? Lovely is for the woman who wants a casual but noticeable fragrance. It is a beautiful mixture of orchids and lavender.

5. Envy by Gucci
This designer perfume was created in the late 90s but remains popular even to this day. She can use this all day – and you would want her to, too, because the combination of jasmines and lilies of the valley is a scent so lovely it even inspires envy. Additionally, the Gucci name really says it all. This one screams quality and elegance.

6. Versace Woman by Versace
This smells like berries. Very classy. Again the name really says all you need to know!

These designer perfumes are must-haves in any womans fragrance bag. The above are ideas that will make you the hero this Christmas!

For other examples of possible gifts you might want to consider, try things such as diamond earrings, or other types of jewelry. These are always very popular gift ideas, and they will also make you look good! Of course, each woman is individualistic and the specific type of item she might like in each category may vary. For example, she may prefer simple and elegant diamond stud earrings, or something more fancy and ornate.

Get her a designer scent for Christmas. For more gift giving ideas this year, please visit us at: Designer Perfumes Diamond Earrings Jewelry Gifts

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