Stocking Fillers – Fill Your Boots With Perfect Christmas Gifts

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Christmas Stocking Fillers add that extra fun and surprise to gift giving which shifts it from simple pleasure and adds sparkle and joy t the occasion. We all know what the big items will be. How do we come up with some interesting fillers? Here are some helpful ideas.


Stocking Fillers – Fill Your Boots With Perfect Christmas Gifts

Even the most ardent believers that Christmas is a time for giving and not receiving will readily admit that the anticipation of finding a stocking full of goodies whether they be of any practical use or not and no matter how old you are – quite enchanting. Stocking Fillers can be the perfect opportunity to surprise and amuse, to be as personal and indulgent as you like.

But for anyone who can still remember a time when they had to be grateful for a sock full of fruit on Christmas morning; times have changed. The list of treats and trinkets intended especially for the stocking is literally endless, so here are just a few tips on how to select the perfect Christmas gifts.

Who Cares About The Calories?

Including someone’s favourite chocolates in their Christmas stocking might be common practise, but what about something a little more unique? You could invest in some personalised sweets for that ultimate declaration of affection, or make someone smile with just a little bit of thought and what better way than a ‘Silver Love Heart Sweet’, or give your ‘last Rolo’ to the one you really love? Complete with a presentation box, those familiar with these famous sweets can purchase a solid silver or gold version with their own personalised message a beautiful gift, but not to be eaten.

Growing Your Own

Horticultural gifts can be a great way to get everyone interested in all things natural, and with little effort required, the house could soon be filled with an array of magical plants. A ‘Grow ItChilli Plants Gift Box’ provides everything you need to grow five of the world’s spiciest varieties of chilli plants, including the growing pots, compost discs and plant markers. There’s also a Chilli Pocket Garden for those who like the taste but prefer minimal effort; simply add the seeds to the cleverly designed foil packet and wait for the chilli to grow.

But for those who prefer the more gentle approach and have a little bit more patience, then a Bonsai Tree Gift Box might make a more ideal and personal gift. Perfectly sized for a window sill or desk, the bonsai tree has a calming quality and by its own nature would suit someone who has the fortitude to let it gradually bloom.

For any member of the family who isn’t quite awake of a morning until they’ve had their intake of tea or coffee, then a ‘Grow It Tea and Coffee Gift Box’ combines the unique with the personal. Very few people can probably boast that they grow their own tea leaves or coffee beans in their home, and with all the equipment and tips needed to help the plants flourish, it really couldn’t get much easier. For the younger botanists in the family, then the ‘Grow your Own Mr Grasshead’ is a fun way of getting children interested in nurturing plants. By simply adding water, they will soon get to see him sprouting his own green hair which can be styled and trimmed in any way.

Getting Creative

For those budding Blue-Peter presenters in the family, then why not help them to embrace their creative flair by including a choice of card-making kits for a much more personal Christmas message, or encourage a heart-felt thank you note for those who have given generously. The ‘Cheeky Monkey’ card making kit is ideal for all seasons and offers hours of creative fun for thosewellcheeky monkeys in the family.

For those who like to give Delia a run for her money, or even for those who need a kick start when it comes to creating something in the kitchen, then why not send them a little encouragement with a traditional recipe book? ‘Mrs Manley’s Christmas Treats’ is a stocking sized satin embroidered book with a host of recipes for those traditional festive delights.

Gadgets and Gizmos

T’is the season to be jolly and the Christmas stocking is a great excuse to introduce those curious and Fun Christmas gifts that we soon come to wonder how we ever managed without. As Christmas can prove a costly time of year for many, what better opportunity to encourage money-saving than a money bank? The ‘Money Maze Bank’ offers a unique twist on the traditional piggy bank in that a puzzle must be completed before money can be taken out. A humorous gift for those more spend-thrifty members of the family perhaps, or a simple way of reminding children than money needs to be earned.

For the latest in Japanese mobile phone accessories, a ‘Mopod’ might make an ideal stocking filler. The pod interacts with mobile phones, with a range of characters that light up and dance when the phone rings or a text message arrives. These great little gadgets can be attached to any phone or even a jacket or bag making them particularly handy for those who tend to lose their mobile phones at the bottom of their handbags!

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