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Who better to suggest Xmas Fitness Gifts Ideas than someone who specializes in personal fitness. Here is a selection from some who earns his living full-time in the fitness industry. At the bottom of the article is an illustrated list of health and fitness items prepared for this website.


Stuck on what to get your friends and family for Xmas then why not buy them a fitness gift? A fitness gift is practical and something that will go towards making them look and feel better, and who doesn’t want that? Below is my official guide to the Best 10 Xmas presents.

1. A Gift Certificate to a Health Store
Instead of buying chocolate, sweets and other junk food why not buy a weeks worth of groceries from your local organic health store? After all, who eats as healthy as they should over the Xmas period? Having a weeks worth of organic food will only improve your loved ones health.

I used to think organic foods were just for rich people and hippies but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now I do most of my shopping at organic stores particularly when buying foods that are traditionally loaded with hormones, pesticides and other nasty chemicals. The secret is to go there with a budget, look to spend say $60 on protein, $30 on fruits and veggies and $10 on miscellaneous items.

2. A Gift Certificate to a Sports Store
As far as getting the best sporting equipment and apparel you cant beat a good sports store. Its best to give a gift certificate because everybody has different likes and dislikes particularly when it comes to clothes.

3. A Gift Certificate to a Massage Therapist
This one is a no brainer because who doesn’t like to be pampered every now and then? Most people are super busy and stressed during the holiday season so nothing will come close to a good massage to relieve the tension.

4. Sporty Gift
If you’re buying a gift for an athlete or a sports enthusiast then getting them something that will compliment their sport or hobby is a great present.

5. Whole food based Supplements and fish oils
In all my years as a personal trainer and fat loss coach I have only ever found 3 supplements worth incorporating into a fat loss program: whole food based multivitamins, protein powders and fish oils.

A whole food based multivitamin provides the body with essential nutrients that are difficult to obtain unless your diet is 100% perfect. Even though I eat very well I leave no stone unturned when it comes to my health. Make sure you choose a whole food based multivitamin rather than the synthetic brands you see in most pharmacies and supplement stores.

Fish oils or E.F.A (essential fatty acid) supplies the body with important omega 3s which maximizes health, performance and body composition. Research shows that krill oil is the most effective EFA.

Protein powders are a great meal for on the go snacking, when buying protein powders make sure they’re low in simple sugars and are whole food based.

6. A Foam Roller
Most people spend far too much time sitting down: sitting down on the commute to work, sitting down all day at work, sitting down on the commute home, sitting down in front of the T.V, its no wonder so many people have postural problems. Then when they do finally workout too many people spend too much time sitting down throughout their workouts: sitting down on the exercise bike, sitting in a machine, sitting down through rest periods.

This is where a foam roller is handy. Its a superb tool for corrective self massage that will dramatically improve performance, posture and enhance injury prevention. Its ideal for the last 5 minutes of a workout to promote healing of the small micro tears in your muscles that are produced after intense training.

7. Resistance Bands
Resistant bands are a great tool because theyre simple to use, lightweight to carry and will add variety to your training. Whether you travel frequently with work, are a busy mum looking for a quick workout, or would just like to train outdoors in your local park, bands can provide you with a great total body workout.

8. Subscription to Fitness Magazine or Exercise Book.
If you’ve read a great fitness book yourself then why not buy a friend or family member the same book? Even better hook them up with a yearly subscription to their favorite fitness magazine to keep them motivated all year long.

One of my favorite magazines is men’s/women’s health. Its loaded with workouts, nutrition tips and new exercises that will keep your training fresh and enjoyable.

9.) I pod
Depending on who you’re buying for this option could be a bit expensive. Load your I Pod with your favorite songs, put your trainers on and your ready to go.

10. A Gift Certificate to a Fitness Boot Camp
Boot camps provide a fun and exciting team environment that guarantee better results than one-on-one personal training for only a quarter of the cost, its a total no-brainer. Find a fitness boot camp with lots of social proof i.e. before and after pictures and make sure they have a solid reputation. Plus any good boot camp will offer a free 1 week trial, a money back guarantee or both. This means you can sign up risk free and find a camp that best suits you.

Join a fitness boot camp with at least one other friend or family member or buy a boot camp gift card to give to your loved ones. As a boot camp trainer myself, I know firsthand that clients always get better results when they embark on a fitness journey with others.

Train hard through the holidays and have a happy and safe New Year!

Dan Clay is a nationally renowned fitness boot camp instructor and real world fat loss expert. For a FREE 1-week trial to his Sydney boot camp to experience the best boot camp training in Sydney please visit Boot Camps in Sydney

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