The Joy Christmas Presents Bring to Children

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Christmas presents can be one of the fondest memories children have of the holiday season. Sure there are the escapades in the snow, the scrumptious feasts, trips to wherever, and all that, but what do most children actually can’t wait to see in their Christmas stockings and underneath the tree in the morning? Why can’t some of them even sleep on Christmas Eve? Presents!

Most kids believe in Santa Claus, or St. Nick, or whatever you want to call him. They sometimes try not to sleep through the night just to find out if Santa actually comes at midnight in his sleigh pulled by his magical flying reindeers and jumps down through the chimney to distribute gifts to all the good kids, which they always hope they are come Christmastime. Then they outgrow the belief that it is Santa giving all those Christmas presents and find out, alas, that it was actually just their parents doing so! But what memorable nights those would be for them.

They’ll look back on those days when they grow up and laugh at how silly they were to believe in such myths but recall fondly how joyful they were at the sight of whatever those beautifully wrapped boxes contained. The toys they played with as children, musical instruments they tinkered with and tried to learn, sweaters and caps they wore when going out, books they read before hitting the sack—most of them would have most likely from those gifts. And they’ll always hold them in their hearts with fondness.

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