Top 10 Christmas Presents for the Women in Your Life

Charms dates back to the Neolithic period when earliest people used to single out some bizarre looking rock or a bit of wood. They said that these pieces hold magical force that can fend off danger and their foes. Charms progresses as human society did, in every age, charms were there. At the present time, the fashion industry remains to endorse the appeal of charms. The most recent fashion shows an upswing of charm trade. This Christmas season astonish your loved one with a beautiful little charm or two. Here’s our roll of the Top 10 Charms to help you choose the best jewelry present this Christmas.

The Ice Skate

To continue with the idea of the winter season, give her an ice skate charm, shaped into a small model of an ice skate. The piece has a length of 0.56 inches and width of 0.57 inches. And just like each part of the Rembrandt Charms, this come hand polished to radiance.

The Tiara

Every woman is a princess in her individual way, and yours definitely ought to have her own. This item is 0.363 inches long and 0.547 inches wide. This charming piece from Rembrandt Charms is hand-polished to an immaculate brilliance using a High Polish finish. This comes with a tough heavy-duty jump ring but easy-to-handle, when attached on an extra accessory.

The 4-Leaf Clover

Offer her the finest from with this four leaf clover charm. This Rembrandt Charm is specially hand refined to perfection using High Polish finish like most Rembrandts.

The Eiffel Tower

Hand-polished to perfection, this charm duplicates in detail, one of the most famous edifice in France. And if you can’t take her to Paris, get her a piece of Paris yourself. This charm comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Bestfriends Puzzle Piece

This exquisite pair of friendship charms is a grand gift to commemorate the strapping power of friendship. Each piece spells the word "bestfriends" engraved in it. For this present however, it’s not just your friend that’s receiving a Christmas gift. You’re having one for yourself too.

The Two Turtle Doves

Turn up the holiday celebrations with two turtledoves. The thing is 0.744 inches long and 0.742 inches wide. The charm features packed down metalwork design of two kissing turtledoves.

The Angel

This item takes the shape of an angel kneeling down in prayer. Its dimension is 0.77" x 0.91". Keep your lady safe all the time, offer her an angel charm.

The Christmas Tree

Well, since it is Christmas and what present could say "Christmas" other than the traditional tree. But you don’t have to give her real big one complete with pine cones and needles. This miniature model by Rembrandt Charms would be a wonderful add-on to this season’s cheerful mood.

The Snowflake

Grab hold of a snowflake and place it in her hands. The Rembrandt Snowflake Charm makes you perform just that. This charm is finished from delicately shaped metalwork taking a comprehensive design of a snowflake, making it an appropriate gift for the chilly season.

The "A-Z Initial"

Put a special touch to your present with this initial charm. Spell her name out or single out the letter of her first name with this elegant collectible item. This is offered in several variations – Sterling Silver, 10K Yellow Gold, Gold Plate, and 14K Yellow Gold.

So what are you waiting for? Move ahead and make use of our list for the easiest and suitable holiday shopping

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