Top Christmas Gifts 2011: Beyblade Metal Fusion Review

For kids who love the thrill of competition, Beyblade Metal Fusion is just what they need. Players use launchers to shoot metallic tops into a gladiator ring for tops. The aim is to beat out the top of the opposing player.


Beyblade Metal Fusion

If it involves a test of the skills, whether it’s in a group or one-on-one, kids love the challenge of battling it out to see who will be the ultimate champion. That’s the reason behind the hot toys top spot that Hasbro’s Beyblade Metal Fusion has landed on. For more details and customer comments:

Beyblades Metal Fusion Battle Top Starter Includes Light Launcher!

This toy is one that sparks the competition, and since each game is different, kids will spend hours wanting to test their level of expertise. It’s a game – sort of like spinning tops – but there’s more than just a simple flick of the wrist involved here. This game needs cunning strategy, a plan to win against the opponent.

If you liked the game Battling Tops, then you’ll enjoy this game. It works with the same premise but with more power and skill to make it appealing to kids today. Here’s how it works: Players use the launchers to shoot the metallic tops into the arena (which is sort of a gladiator ring for tops).

The tops beat out the opposing player based on the weight and shape of the top. As the top spins, it collides with the opposing top and keeps knocking at it until it forces the other top to break the spin. It’s a more entertaining, aggressive form of tops and kids love the game.

In Hasbro’s Beyblad Metal Fusion, the tops that are selected to play in the arena are not random tops but are carefully selected by the players based on the opposing top’s weight and shape.

That’s why it’s a game of strategy and skill. The tops are customizable and players can select the top’s pieces based on how well they think the pieces will perform for them in the arena.

For example, one of the tops said to have long lasting stamina and dominance is the Evil Geminos one. Inside the battle set, the tops that come with it are the Lightning L-Drago and the Storm Pegasus.

Kids have to study to learn which tops to customize with which pieces in order to take the championship spot. The set includes tops that spin both left and right so kids can get creative with building the right combination of speed, height and tips that will help them win the game.

Because Hasbro’s Beyblade Metal Fusion arena is shaped to send the tops into the middle of the arena, it’s not a matter of if contact will be made but when. By using the launchers with skill (one technique is called Sharpshooter), players can send their top on a mission to stop the opponent’s top. There are rules of engagement to follow in the game (so it doesn’t become a no rules free for all) so that players from beginners to advanced can enjoy the game play.

For more details and customer comments:

Beyblades Metal Fusion Battle Top Starter Includes Light Launcher!

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