Top Christmas Gifts 2011: My Pillow Pets Review

Children love cuddly pets, like plush unicorns, puppies, bunnies and pandas, and My Pillow Pets are there to fill that need. They provide security and comfort that adults can ony imagine. A wide variety of farm and exotic animals is available.


My Pillow Pets

Like most children, your children probably have a ton of stuffed animals. They cover the bed, sit on bookshelves, the floor, rest on the sofa and even tag along for car rides to the store. For more details and customer comments.

My Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn 18″

To a child, a stuffed animal can represent a sense of familiarity and comfort. Sort of like the security blanket that Linus from the Peanuts comics carried around everywhere with him.

My Pillow Pets offers children that same joy that a stuffed animal brings, along with a comfortable sense of security when they snuggle up with it as a pillow. It’s a great pal for your child during a nap or for bedtime.

These wonderful toys make great gift items that kids will love for years to come and you’ll be able to find a favorite for anyone thanks to the extensive collection offered in the line. The lines are broken down into categories.

One category is the farm animal collection and they are fluffy and simply adorable. For the child who loves bunnies, the collection offers Thumpy Bunny. Made out of ultra soft chenille, this pal quickly unfolds to become a favored pillow. In the same collection, there’s also the popular Lovable Lamb made from the same plush chenille.

All children love puppies and My Pillow Pets has a wonderful line of pillows in puppy shapes that make excellent Christmas gifts. The puppies are Patriotic Pup (he’s red, white and blue), Snuggly Puppy and Luv Pup with the cute nose shaped like a red heart.

The unique zoo collection of these toys has Zippity Zebra, Chocolate Moose, Silly Monkey and of course, the sweetest king of the jungle in the world, Lively Lion. The Ocean line has some favorites among boys and girls alike – namely, the Sharky Shark (he’s new), Splashy Whale and Squeaky Dolphin.

Some of the top Pillow Pets fall into the Sports collection and offer pals like the Chicago Cub, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys (this pillow pet is new as well). But there’s also the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions (a lion pet with an adorable expression on his face).

My Pillow Pets even has insects as pillows in their Bug collection featuring Dreamy Lady Bug, Mrs. Ladybug and Bumbly Bee. The company has a fantasy collection where you can find them in shapes like Dizzy Dragon, Rainbow Unicorn, Rexy-Rex and Perry Pterodactyl.

These pillow pets are lovable and inspire hugs from kids of all ages. The Velcro strap keeps the pillow neatly stored as a pet until it’s needed. The pillow even has a way to keep the Velcro piece covered when the pet is in use as a pillow.

These durable toys make great gifts and are the perfect traveling companion for kids. The chenille material is so soft that your child will look forward to nap or bedtime and will feel like he has a friend with him.

For more details and customer comments.

My Pillow Pets

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