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One of the giants in the electronic reading world, the Sony Reader gives easy access to electronic versions of books, magazines and newspapers. As well it is compatible with text in different formats, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, TXT or RTF. There is also a virtual keyboard with this reader to jot down notes or mark passages of text.


Sony Reader

A lot of information has gone from paper and print media and changed into digital information. It’s amazing what can be accessed online now and how much time and money a person can save by using digital gadgets. For more details and customer comments:

Sony PRS-600BC Touch Edition E-Book Reader

One of these gadgets that’s changing the way people view their reading material is the Sony Reader. This reader is a handy device that allows users to read books in eBook format, to flip through magazines digitally and to peruse the newspaper. It’s like taking a pocket sized library with you wherever you go.

But this reader brings more bang for your buck with all of the features it’s loaded with. For one, this reader is compatible with Microsoft Word, which allows you to have eBooks in different formats such as PDF, TXT or RTF.

It’s also perfect for seeing images in formats like JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG – all of the most popular ways images are formatted. The touchscreen navigation makes the reader easy to use with quick access to any of your reading material.

The stylus with the Sony Reader lets you highlight any phrases or passages in the eBooks for quick notations when you’d like to see the text again. You can also use a virtual keyboard with this reader to jot down notes or mark passages of text.

If you need the material you’ve highlighted sent to your personal computer, by using the library software, you can do that as well. The reader has plenty of memory, so you don’t ever need to get stuck again without having something to read.

Reading in the different light (sunlight, evening, overhead or lamplight) isn’t an issue with this reader because you won’t get that blinding glare. You’ll get what’s called continuous page turns – which just translates into smoother reads for longer periods of time.

It has a long battery hold so you can read for up to 14 days with just one charge. This is a great gift for college students who need to get through assigned reading material. An eBook can be downloaded in seconds and read while commuting, while traveling and in the quiet of coffee shops near the campus.

The Sony Reader also has the eDictionary, which is handy when you’re not sure how to spell a word or need to know the meaning of it and the library software is compatible with your personal computer. Even though the reader comes with plenty of memory space, you can add more memory.

But that’s not all this gadget offers buyers. You can also get music thanks to the headphone jack offered on the device. It’s a good looking, multi-use, wallet friendly reader with a long lasting battery and a great reputation for quality.

For more details and customer comments:

Sony PRS-600BC Touch Edition E-Book Reader

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