Top Christmas Gifts 2011: Syma S107/S107G RC Indoor Helicopter Review

Understandably, the Syma S107/S107G RC Indoor Helicopter is one of the most popular remote control toys to be found on the market. If it flies, the kids want it! It’s easy to use, stable and very smooth.


Syma S107/S107G RC Indoor Helicopter

If a toy has a remote control, kids are going to enjoy playing with it. They get the feel of being the one in charge – the one behind the wheel. The fact that children love remote control toys has never been a question. For more details and customer comments:

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter – Colors may vary

But what kind of remote control vehicle will kids be asking Santa for this year? If it flies, you can bet it will be a huge hit in the top wanted toys for Christmas. Of the flying toys, kids love helicopters best.

They love the idea of climbing onboard and heading up into the sky to get an aerial view of the world. But a child who loves and wants a remote control helicopter brings up another question. With so many to choose from, which one should you buy? That answer is found in the Syma S107/S107G RC Indoor Helicopter.

You want to get a helicopter that’s easy for both beginners and kids who are more experienced with remote controlled toys to use. You need one that has a flight pattern that shows off its stability and smoothness.

You’ll find that in this helicopter – it has the stability and ease of flight that even a beginner will be able to use with ease. It’s designed so that it’s fast enough to delight kids, but not so fast that a beginner can’t keep it under control.

There isn’t any need to put anything together when you get the Syma S107/S107G RC Indoor Helicopter, since it comes fully assembled. It also has the Gyroscope technology, which is a way that the helicopter keeps oriented.

The toy has three channels and flies just like a real helicopter can – forward and backward as well as being able to bank right or left, lift up and return to a landing position. When you charge the toy, you get plenty of flight time to thrill your kids and the charge is done via a USB cable or transmitter.

The helicopter is lightweight and can easily be held in the palm of your hand. It’s actually the most power and stability you can find in a helicopter of this size (7.5 inches). But even though it has a compact size, that doesn’t mean that it’s not full of power.

On the contrary – it has a powerful flight range. The ease in which it can move about makes this helicopter top in its class for easy maneuvering. It can zip in and out of the tightest places with the ease as if a professional pilot were inside the toy.

The Syma S107/S107G RC Indoor Helicopter is built tough, so if your child accidentally sends it on a collision course with the furniture or a wall, it won’t self-destruct and can handle those bumps. Your kids will love this helicopter!

For more details and customer comments:

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter – Colors may vary

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