Twenty Fresh and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Okay, it is that time of year where we need to find those unique gifts that will make our loved ones happy, excited, grateful and appreciated. What a task. Every year is the same. We put this off and wait till the last minute and then just buy whatever we can find that fits our budget, ideally, but actually always makes us go way over. We spend too much on gifts that are not really wanted. Then we feel stupid for overspending and more stupid because we know it was a dumb gift.

Stop that madness. Make a beautiful gift by hand that takes you several months and feel the joy, the warmth, the appreciation, the special gift of giving. Okay, you’re not Martha Stewart! Look, not everyone is super handy, an artist, or able to leap tall buildings and that’s okay. There are ways and gifts to make a really big splash and get all the credits and appreciation you are hoping for.

First off get smart and use the greatest invention since money. Use The Internet! Duh!
If you are not doing all your shopping online you are simply wasting time and energy. So, you like shopping in malls, etc. Go shopping and still buy on the internet!

Why? Because of price mainly, but also, for convenience, service and my number one reason. Uniqueness! Plain and simple I can find unique gifts, custom made, delivered hassle free with 100% refunds and fully guaranteed; and so hands down, it is the very best way to buy today, period!

Here are 20 great unique ideas for gifts: Some can be found on the internet in all or part. Some you will have to create. They all will get you tremendous applause.

1. Original artwork personalized with a warm saying or including persons’ name.

2. An embossed passport wallet, with either fresh greenbacks or an airline ticket.

3. A Cruise to the Greek Isles.

4. A trip in Space.

5. A genealogy, family tree, family history that you can give everyone you’re related to.

6. A piece of land and the deed in a personalized frame.

7. Gold anything, even a Chunk.

8. G.M. Stock in a personalized crystal frame.

9. A years supply of Gasoline, by means of a gift debit card monogrammed key chain.

10. Personalized golf club and balls and a CD of all the golf courses in the world.

11. A personalized suitcase full (of anything).

12. One penny for every year since 1908, 100 total in an engraved mechanical bank.

13. A puppy with a custom engraved dog collar/tag and a chip implant.

14. A new computer.

15. A personalized leather CD holder with every album of your loved one’s favorite artist.

16. A donation to Make a Wish foundation in someone else’s name.

17. Twelve personalized gifts, individually wrapped.

18. An old junk car body with personal graffiti all over it.

19. A personalized invite, dated, in wood and gold, to do anything.

20. The Gift Card

Many of the mentioned ideas are available in low budget versions too, so anyone looking for anyone should be able to get a unique fresh idea here. Use your imagination.

Happy Giving!

Mary Braun writes articles for helping shoppers find gifts, providing shopping tips and how to benefit from personalized gifts. His work is sponsored by Wealthwood Christmas Gifts and Blog Wealthwood. Article Source: Twenty Unique Christmas Gifts A1004

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