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Fisher-Price Smart Cycle:

Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is a combination stationary exercise bike, console for video games, and a great learning tool. No matter the conditions outside - rain, hail, sleet or snow - your child will get lots of exercise and entertainment while learning important concepts and having fun! It combines indoor activity with the sort of physical experience normally expected from outdoors play. It's designed for children from 3 - 6 years of age.

Customer Reviews

By... Mother of Twins (San Diego, CA)
My twins received the Smart Cycle for their 5th birthday. So far they love it. It has kept their attention for long periods of time.

By... D.S. (U.S.)
By... R.M (Lawrence, KS USA)I received an email from Fisher Price with a list of new products they had out, and the moment my 3 year old son saw the Smart Cycle he was hooked! He kept begging for it while pointing at the computer monitor and so I just had to take a look to see what it was all about.

I ordered the Smart Cycle a couple of days ago, and now it's here with free 2-day shipping courtesy of Amazon Prime. You should have seen the look on my boy's face when he saw the box for the bike. His eyes lit up and he started yelling, "My bike! My bike!" Getting the bike together was easy enough and only took about 10 minutes. All you have to do is put some pieces together, plug it into the TV, insert the game cartridge and install 4 D batteries.

If your kids love to run around, I would highly recommend this toy. It seems to keep them entertained for more than just 5 minutes, it's built well, it allows them to exercise, and it's educational. What more can you ask for on a hot, cold, or rainy day?

By... J. J. G. (U.S.)
I bought this for my Just turned 4 yr. old grandson as a 2007 Christmas gift and he loved it.It is now nearing his 5th birthday (Nov. 2008) and I asked if he would like some new games for it and is he still playing with the Smart Cycle or has he outgrown it? My daughter assures me he still loves it and a new game would be welcome. We live in the midwest where the winters keep kids inside for a few months and this is a great exercise for the mind and body!! How many gifts from 2007 are your kids still excited about?

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Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

Product Features

* Smart Cycle is a Plug & Play (TV), Hardware/Software system. The child can customize his/her vehicle on screen (color/model etc.) and explore different themes (environments) that are sold separately.
* Games reinforce important preschool concepts like letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Child's favorite character friends offer help and encouragement during game play.
* In Explore/ Encounter mode, the child pedals to drive through various environments, learning on the way.
* In Arcade Games mode, the child can take a pit stop into an arcade game that is played with the joystick.
* The toy comes with the Learning Journey software and other themes sold separately, which include Dora's Jungle Safari, Sponge Bob's ocean adventures, Hotwheels, Barbie, Space and Dinoland.

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Just because it's raining, snowing or otherwise blustery outside, that doesn't mean that your child can't get the exercise she needs. The Fisher Price Smart Cycle combines the fun indoor activity of video game playing with the physical activity the great outdoors will give you. Designed for kids ages three to six, the Smart Cycle "physical learning arcade system" is an all-in-one stationary bike, video game console, and educational tool. Your little one will exercise her brain and her body -- and have loads of fun in the process.

The Smart Cycle plugs directly into your VCR or TV and requires no need for a separate game system. Simply connect the Smart Cycle to your television's input jacks, insert the included game cartridge "key," and your child can start riding -- and learning -- right away! Your child pedals the bike to keep the game going and "steers" with the movable handlebars. A large, easy-to-use and conveniently placed joy stick and bright buttons control the games and educational tools.

The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle comes with a "learning adventure," in which your child drives a car by pedaling the bike and turning the handlebars. She can splash through mud puddles and take treacherous corners as she tries to catch letters of the alphabet along the road. She'll learn to keep pedaling to keep moving, while at the same time learning her alphabet!

Product Details

* Product Dimensions: 9 x 16.5 x 35.2 inches ; 19.9 pounds
* Shipping Weight: 20.5 pounds
* Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.
* Item model number: K5054
* Manufacturer Recommended Age: 36 months - 6 years

Versatility Adds to the FunThe Smart Cycle includes a game cartridge that features several fun and educational adventures that will keep your child happily entertained. A trip to "Math Mountain" will help her practice her numbers, while an adventure-filled trek to "Shape Lake" will introduce her to a wide array of different shapes. The Smart Cycle also includes an exciting car racing game that two children can play at the same time, while a "creative journal" lets your child create pictures and snapshots of her "worldwide" travels.

The fun doesn't have to stop when your child gets her fill of exercise: she can stop and rest, and continue the fun and learning by using the bike's joy stick and buttons to navigate through many other games and adventures. And best of all, several optional game cartridges that can be used with the Smart Cycle (sold separately) will keep your child continually entertained, including games that feature favorite characters such as Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, Barbie, and Hot Wheels cars.

With its wide array of games and height-adjustable seat, the Smart Cycle is designed to grow with your child. So as your child grows both physically and intellectually, the Smart Cycle will grow with her.

Merchant Comments

We found the Smart Cycle easy to assemble and very simple to install with our television set. All we needed for assembly was a Phillips screwdriver and four "D" batteries (not included). As long as your television or VCR is equipped with the red, white, and yellow RCA jacks to connect the Smart Cycle, you're set to go. We simply connected the included plugs to the television's jacks, turned the television on, and we were ready for hours of fun. Once the game started, the cycle seemed easy enough to operate, making it not too much of a challenge to result in frustrating a child, but not so easy that it would soon become boring. With the additional optional game cartridges, we believe the Smart Cycle promises to be a long-lasting source of entertainment. The Smart Cycle comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, and the set-up only took a few minutes.

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